How does NOB166® Protect Clothes work?
NOB166® PROTECT CLOTHES eliminates those microorganisms that can cause infections, the mite’s presence and similar problems as well.
Use of NOB166® Protect Clothes PROTECT CLOTHES
The use of NOB166® Protect Clothes direct application on textiles helps in:

Prevention: Reduction in diseases transmission by clothing.
Safety: Consumer safety.
Satisfaction: Increasing perception and consumer satisfaction of the protection measures adopted in the business.
Where can I use NOB166 PROTECT CLOTHES direct application?

Patented NOB166® Protect Clothes Technology
NOB166® Protect Clothes technology is based on the microencapsulation of the active principle obtained from silver compounds. The high affinity of the compound with the fibers allows a progressive release of the active principle.

NOB166® Protect Clothes technology is patented to use directly on fabric without rinsing and without the need to wash clothes. That is why it is ideal to apply by spraying on all garments in a store.
Regulatory and Standard Test Methods
NOB166® Protect Clothes is notified as an antimicrobial textile protective biocide in the Ministry of Health as TP9, Protect Clothes NOB166® is not a disinfectant.

NOB166® Protect Clothes has biocidal activity, and is classified according to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in Europe. The active ingredient in NOB166® Protect Clothes is approved by ECHA in Europe.

Applications according to PT9 of the BPR: Preservatives of fibers, leather, rubbers and polymeric materials. Fiber protection after cleaning: The efficiency of preparations containing NOB166® Protect Clothes is certified by the international standard method JIS L 1902.


JIS L 1902
UNE-EN 1276: 2010.
UNE-EN 14476

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