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We are a technology-based company, at NOB166 we want to solve current problems through the use of nanotechnology. We develop long-lasting performance biocide generation using nanotechnology.

We have our own microbiology laboratory, where antimicrobial and antifungal assay methods tests according to international standards are carried out.

In 2020 our research work has been recognized with the following awards:

  • Product of the Year’ Award at the 21st Century National Technology Awards organized by El Suplemento.
  • ‘Economy and Business’ Onda Cero 2020 Award.

    Active Substance

    • We have the ANCES and APTE seal (as NOB166 is an innovative technology-based company).
    • NOB166® active ingredient is approved by the ECHA in Europe and the FDA in the USA with the following assay methods tested: UNE-EN ISO 14476, UNE-EN ISO 1276 and UNE-EN ISO 20743.
    • Our products have an international patent.
    • We comply with the wastewater discharge standards in Europe, Asia and America.
    Sustainable footprint: Manufacturing and raw materials.

    Committed to the 2030 AGENDA and 5 of its goals, in order to contribute to sustainable development.

    Commitment to the 2030 AGENDA and the SDGs

    In 2015, the United Nations member states approved 17 Sustainable Development Goals as part of the 2030 Agenda .

    Our company pursues five of these goals:

    • SDG 3. Good health and well-being
    • SDG 6. Clean water and sanitation
    • SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth
    • SDG 9. Industries, innovation and infrastructure
    • SDG 12. Responsible consumption and production
    We want to guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being (SDG 3 ). For this reason, we want to contribute reducing the constant use of chemicals. In addition, we want to reduce air, water and soil pollution ( SDG 6 ).

    How do we do it? On the one hand, our products have a biocidal action that lasts up to 7 days. During this time the proliferation of microorganisms in textiles is inhibited. On the other hand, when using our product you can save energy and money, since our textile biocides can be used in cold water.

    The World Health Organization allows 0.1 mg/l of our active principle in drinking water.

    Our pure product has 0.08 mg/l .

    NOB166 eliminates the need of washing fabrics daily, which leads to a reduction of water consumption in general and a reduction of water pollution. We also focus on development-oriented policies that support productive activities and the creation of decent jobs ( SDG 8 ).

    In addition, we are committed to entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, since we are constantly in a research process looking for effective solutions ( SDG 9 )Regarding the SDG 12 , we focus on ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. In consequence, our products have certificates that guarantee a long-lasting action. There is a decrease in the release of chemicals into the atmosphere, water and soil.

    Our goal is to minimize the adverse effects that these produce on human health and the environment.