NOB166®, Experts in Long Lasting Antimicrobial Protection

At NOB166® we want to solve current problems through the use of nanotechnology. Our advanced technology prevents the deposit and proliferation of microorganisms. The growth of these causes bad odours and at the same time it accelerates the degradation of products and surfaces.

We are specialized in the development of long lasting protective biocidal products.

Our additives can be added to the manufacturing process for a wide variety of materials such as:

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The active ingredient of our antimicrobial solutions

  • Our active ingredient is approved by the ECHA, BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) in Europe and the EPA/FDA in the USA. It is fully recyclable ant it is encapsulated via nanoprocess.

    We do not modify it, once it reaches the tributaries it turns into natural salts that can be recovered.

  • It does not contain volatile particles, the product lasts much longer because is inorganic. This also makes it compatible with a huge variety of formulations.

    The WHO allows 0.1 ppm of our active principle in drinking water. Our pure product has 0.08 ppm.

  • Assay methods tested (NOB166® active substance): UNE-EN ISO 14476, UNE-EN ISO 1276 and UNE-EN ISO 20743. Our products have an international patent.

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Applications of our long lasting biocidal products

At NOB166® we work on different lines of research for different types of industries.

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Our goal is to ensure long lasting antimicrobial protection, which extends the useful life of products and surfaces. As well as providing a wide variety of added benefits.

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