Protect Clothes - 7 Days Antibacterial Spray for Clothes

Did you know that microorganisms can remain active up to 48 hours on textiles? The clothes that we wear, the chair where we sit, or even the doctor's gown when he is in the middle of an operation can be a vehicle transmission. We introduce you to Protect Clothes: NOB166 Antibacterial Spray for Clothes is an innovative biocidal product.

"Prevention is better than cure" , with just a single spray per week you will not have to use continuous use disinfectants that can even damage your textiles if you reapply them constantly.

Protect Clothes formulation prevents microbial proliferation. It is safe for both humanity and our environment.It can be used for both clothing and fabrics of any kind (car seat, mattresses, sheets, etc).

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How does our fabric deodoriser works?

Protect Clothes has biocidal capacity which has been demonstrated in European laboratories. The active principle in our formula is released progressively and continuously. Using it is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Spray directly the entire textile surface that you want to protect until it is moistened.
  2. Let it air-dry.
  3. Fabrics do not need rinsing, our antibacterial spray for clothes guarantees at least 7 days of defense against the deposit and growth of microorganisms on fabrics.
  4. Our active principle prevents the formation of new genetic material.


  • 0,5 L Spray
  • 5 L Jerrycan

Benefits of the fabric protection spray

Long lasting antimicrobial fabric protection

In case that you would like to receive more details about Protect Clothes our antibacterial spray for clothes do not hesitate to contact us. Our fabrics might be clean but not protected.