FAQS NOB166® Biocidal Products

1What is the difference between the properties of metallic silver and silver ions?

Colloidal silver is a finely divided dispersion of metallic silver in an excipient that usually contains water and alcohol. In a pharmacy or parapharmacy it is indicated as a complement for some infections treatments. It is very popular in the USA; in Europe it is rarely used for this purpose.

Indeed, there are studies that advise against its use, mainly because the biocidal effect is mainly due to silver ions and not silver in its native state.

NOB166 does not contain metallic silver in any form. It is formulated from a natural adsorbent that incorporates a surfactant and silver ions. This combination provides a high biocidal effect to the materials where it is incorporated, avoiding the proliferation of microorganisms.
2How NOB166® started?

In 2019 NOB166® is installed in ESPAITEC (Scientific and Technological Park of Jaume I University of Castellón, and starts performing tests in collaboration with the Department of Health Sciences of Jaume I University.

The initial idea was to use additives modified by nanotechnology for cold protection, in a trial we saw that the protection was prolonged in the fabric and the fabric continued to be protected. From this moment on, we worked until finally achieving that the microparticles of the product release silver ions in a controlled way for a week (7 days), thanks to the microencapsulated active principle of NOB166®.
NOB166® currently collaborates closely with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Science Park (ULPGC), where it continues to advance with new nanotechnology-based projects for textile antimicrobial protection.
3Is NOB166® environmentally friendly?
The proven efficiency of NOB166® additive allows excellent antimicrobial protection during the washing process using very few particles per million. The low dosage required makes NOB166® a safe additive for human contact and for the environment.
4Why you can only use NOB166® on fabrics?

Fabrics are vectors of transmission.

NOB166® prevents the transport of the electron chain, which avoids the repair of the protective membrane, it inhibits protein synthesis and, therefore, prevents the formation of new RNA.
5How to use NOB166®

NOB166 PROTECT CLOTHES: The application of the additive is simple; spray homogeneously 10 or 15 centimeters from the garment, and as soon as it dries it is ready and protected.

If it is done through a steam cleaner, it should be done whenever the nozzle of this is greater than 30 microns.
6On what kind of fabrics can NOB166® be used?

This additive can be used on any fabric. NOB166® is used to treat all types of fabrics, natural or synthetic, even those that are difficult to wash and those that are washed in cold water.
7What other benefits does NOB166® have?
  • Reduction of diseases transmission.
  • Avoid the appearance of mites.
  • Prevents the proliferation of microorganisms in upholstery.
  • Efficacy and efficiency in cold water washing processes.
  • Stability at high temperatures.
  • Fights bad smells in clothes.
  • It optimizes asepsis in health centers, hospitals, operating rooms and ICUs, being able to reduce the dreaded nosocomial infections. Reduces cross contamination.