NOB166® Único en el mundo

NOB166® Único en el mundo

When including the additive NOB166® in the formulation of a detergent, is endowing  to any piece that wash  with it of an invisible layer that prevents the settlement of germs during a week.

By this reason, the manufacturers of detergents can offer to his industrial customers of detergents, softeners and stain removers, some of these Benefits:

  • Reduction of the contagion of illnesses: the viruses and bacteria trend to colonize any fabric that find. If this fabric in which it has deposited a pathogenic agent, goes in in contact with a human being may infect him some illness. Only a detergent, softener and stain remover, with NOB166® is able to protect during 1 week.
  • It avoids the apparition of mites: mites are used to install in fabrics like the carpets, the curtains, the mattresses including covers, pillows, bedsheets, towels, hands cloths… They are hurtful because they can cause allergies, and is very difficult to combat them. The only solution is to protect them with NOB166®.
  • It avoids the proliferation of microorganisms in upholsteries: the seats of the cars, taxis, trains and airplanes, baby chairs, the upholsteries of seats of cinemas, theatres, and hotels, the carpets of hotels and residences, seats and armchairs of rooms of hospital, can be hurtful for the health. The only way to create an invisible built shield made in NOB166®.
  • Efficacy and efficiency in cold water washing process: A lot of washing and disinfection processes in the industrial ran at high temperature, what increases the energetic costs, and produce damages the fabrics. NOB166® has a well performance in cold and it doesn’t require of high temperature to act, it allows an important energetic saving, and extend the useful life of the clothes indeed.
  • Stability to high temperatures: NOB166® also is effective and keeps his properties even in the case using high temperatures in the washing machine, or even after of ironed process.
  • Fight against the bad smell in garments: bad smells are often produced because of the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms. The use of NOB166® in his washing products will do that the clothes —and also the washing machine— leave to have the bad smells generated by these pathogenic agents.
  • It reduces the crossed contamination: It is demonstrated that pathogenic agent (flu or the hepatitis) may survive in a valid and active form in fabrics until 1 day (24 hours). Just the contact with another contaminated piece can cause the pollution (washing machines, shelving, cubes of clothes, cupboards of white clothes, warehouses, clothes trolleys). Only the NOB166® shield achieves avoid it, because it the risk of garments pollution and reduces the risk of contagion indeed.

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