lanzamiento al mercado de PROTECT CLOTHES NOB166

lanzamiento al mercado de PROTECT CLOTHES NOB166

There are many public and private companies seeking for new preventive measures. After NOB166 H-IÓN launching for the detergency and industrial laundry sector, the demand is growing from companies, shops and self-employed services for a ready to use, out of the box antimicrobial textile protector, without the need of washing in order to achieve that textile protection.

Based on that, NOB166® Protect Clothes, a new concept of antimicrobial textile protection was developed and launched afterwards on the national and international markets as a durable direct application for antimicrobial protection without rinsing. The new normal life needs new more appropriate formulas.

Since last July, NOB166® is manufacturing (with its entire production system) to fix the demand for this new 500ml format that is applied directly to fabrics by spraying or dry nebulization.

NOB166® Protect Clothes forms an invisible armor that protects any textile surface from microorganisms for a minimum of 7 days.


What sectors are benefiting from this new launch already in the market?

NOB166® Protect Clothes is especially suitable for sectors such as Healthcare, Commerce, Collective Transport, Laundries, Nursing homes, Hotels and other accommodations, Bars and Restaurants, Cinemas and Theaters, Professional Sports, Events, Gyms, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Work Centers, Waiting rooms, Teaching Centers, Workshops, Industry, Public Buildings, Employee protection, PPE, Concessionaires, Penitentiaries, cleaning and disinfection companies … and any business or organization that wants to take care of both customers and employees! With the advantage of eliminating daily disinfection operations by a single weekly protection treatment.

NOB166® again makes it easy for us: a small gesture such as spraying the office chair just once a week can change our lives.

Already on the market NOB166® PROTECT CLOTHES

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