Formulated with raw materials of natural origin
NOB166® H-ion is formulated with raw materials of natural origin, which guarantee a circular process that cares for the health of people, animals and the environment.

NOB166® H-ion is formulated with a natural inorganic adsorbent modified with silver, which is manufactured using a technology developed and patented by ANCOR TC and property of the company.
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NOB166® H-ion is an antimicrobial additive for use on all types of fabric, both natural and synthetic
Unique and patented manufacturing process
This unique and patented manufacturing process is based on a nanometric transformation of the raw materials included in the formulation and ensures an extraordinary performance with few ppm (parts per million) dosage per kilogram of clothing to be treated. NOB166® H-ion can be added to the final product starting at a dose of 0.04 grams for protection purposes and at a dose of up to 0.40 grams for disinfection purposes.

Once present in fabrics it provides protection against the growth of microorganisms and any pathogens that may cause foul odours, discolouration, stains and wear of the fabric, by forming an aseptic barrier that remains for at least 7 days.

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To determine the correct amount of NOB166® H-ion in each specific case.

Our technical department will help you to determine the adequate amount of NOB166 H-ion to be used in each case.
Possible uses

• Additive for liquid detergents.
• Additive for fabric softeners.
• Additive for stain removers.
• Can be added in industrial processes.

Physical properties

• Presentation: Viscous dispersion.
• Colour: White.
• Odour: Slightly ammoniacal. NO added FRAGRANCE.
• Decomposition temperature: ∼60 °C.

Storage instructions

NOB166® H-ion must be stored in a cool place, away from light and heat sources:
• Place away from sunlight.
• Store in a cool, dry place.
• Keep the container closed and away from sunlight after first use.
• Do not transfer the product to another container. Store in its original container.
• Store at a temperature below 25°C. Under the conditions described, use within 24 months of the manufacturing date.

NOB166® H-ion containers

Containers of 10 kg net of additive.


The dosage of NOB166® H-ion depends on the end use of the detergent and the level of protection required. We recommend carrying out specific trials to determine the adequate dosage for each specific use of NOB166® H-ion. Dosage example: Only 0.58 kg of additive per 100 kg of softener/detergent to be manufactured (calculated for a final dosage of 7 grams of softener/detergent).

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