Detergent and softener additive- NOB166

Additive for detergents and softeners: H-ion

A smart antimicrobial solution formulated for manufacturers of the detergency sector.


Every day when we do the laundry we use high temperatures with a single purpose: to eliminate most of the germs that inhabit our textiles. Once the washing program comes to an end, we take out the laundry and it is once again exposed to millions of microorganisms that. In addition, most of the infectious agents resist the washing cycles.

Did you know that if you do not use high temperature you can save up to 85% of your energy consumption? Thanks to our detergent and softener additive (H-ion) we can save money without loosing microbicidal efficacy. After use, a protective barrier is formed and it does not lose effectiveness after the textiles have been washed.

What is it and how does it work?

It is an additive for formulators in the detergency sector. It can be incorporated to stain removers, detergents or industrial or / and domestic liquid softeners. It is an innovative antimicrobial solution that in combination with products from the detergency sector, acts by inactivating all those harmful microorganisms that we cannot appreciate without the lens of a microscope.

Until now fabrics went through the washing cycle program and we thought they were apparently clean. This unique concentrate repels the action of pathogens inside and outside the washing machine for at least a week. In addition, its action has a long-lasting effect, so that after handling it either in a laundry or at home, the textiles remain free of pollutant agents.

How is it possible that its protective action lasts? In Nob166 we use silver nanoparticles (Ag +) these bind to the membrane, nucleic acids and the cellular enzyme. This encapsulated active substance acts in a controlled way, if you add our additive to your products you will give them an antimicrobial capacity.

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Benefits of using our detergent and softener additive


Additional information

Conservation mode

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • After the first use, keep the container closed and away from sunlight.
  • Do not repackage the product.
  • Store below 25º.
  • Use within 24 months from the manufacture date.

A new concept of textile protection

Make a difference, add H-ion to your detergent products.

Formulate or/and commercialize a detergent product that protects garments and all types of fabrics 24/7 against the growth of any harmful agents. Grant your products with antimicrobial nanotechnology.

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