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24 de September de 2020

NOB166® antimicrobial additive advantages at any detergent, softener and stain remover formulations manufacturers.

When including the additive NOB166® in the formulation of a detergent, is endowing  to any piece that wash  with it of an invisible layer that prevents the settlement of […]
22 de September de 2020

Technological Stagnation in Spanish Hospital Hygiene

The best closing of the year, with deaths due to traffic accidents according to the DGT was in 2015 with 1,131 deaths. The Spanish Government invested […]
22 de September de 2020

What is the NOB166® additive for in the professional detergency sector

If you are a manufacturer of #detergents, # softeners and #stain removers, have you ever considered differentiating yourself from others by adding antimicrobial protection to clothes […]
22 de September de 2020

NOB166® obtains the APTE certificate of national innovative company 2020

NOB166® has been accredited with the APTE innovative company certificate. NOB166®, accredited in nanotechnology-based research, brings to the domestic, industrial and sanitary market a patented and […]
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