El certificado ‘Hoteles COVID Free’ garantiza la seguridad de los clientes y trabajadores de los hoteles españoles con la protección textil de NOB166

El certificado ‘Hoteles COVID Free’ garantiza la seguridad de los clientes y trabajadores de los hoteles españoles con la protección textil de NOB166

Entrepreneurs in the tourism and hotel sector expect losses of 126 billion euros, putting more than 800,000 jobs at risk.

This scenario move us to start planning and working positively to build a new concept of tourism that adds SAFETY to our differential values.

There are already several Spanish hotel associations that have come together to advance and anticipate the situation, creating a certificate or hygienic quality label. In this way, all establishments that have been disinfected from the SARS COV 2 can be accredited.

This certificate seeks, after the cessation of the state of alarm, to work on a reopening of all hotel establishments in the different regions of Spain, developing a common protocol for the creation of the certificate ‘COVID Free Hotels’ that guarantees the safety of customers and Spanish hotel workers.

This protocol covers all aspects of customer safety from the moment they enter the hotel until they leave, as well as the safety of the workers in the hotel centers. Therefore, it would include, in addition to the cleaning processes of rooms and common areas, specific hygienic measures for the rest of the hotel spaces such as kitchens, bars and coffee shops, dining rooms, swimming pools, spa areas, children’s areas, reception and others.

Spain, as a brand, needs work to convince foreign tourists that we are a guarantee of SECURITY, to help our clients overcome the fear of travelling. The tourist foreign market represents about 19 million tourists, which the domestic market cannot compensate.

We have all been called to support Spanish companies with the consumption of national tourism, but we also have them joining efforts with innovative and disruptive products for protection such as NOB166® for antimicrobial textile protection.

Small gestures such as wiping your mouth with a napkin, wrapping yourself in a towel, lying down on a lounger or sleeping peacefully in a hotel bed, it is now possible to do it safely, protected and guaranteed for 7 days after washing.

Adding NOB166® to detergents in professional washing centers is a small gesture that can boost a sector that needs all the necessary help to convey CONFIDENCE and SECURITY.

NOB166® active ingredient is a powerful antimicrobial with an effect of at least 7 days, it is safe for human contact and protects guests and workers through its application on textiles, including uniforms and washing masks.



The results of the NOB166® test carried out by an independent laboratory for the evaluation of the viricidal activity according to the EN14476 Standard against coronavirus, have been conclusive. The report, sealed on March 4, 2020, reads: “The product “NOB166 PRO” has shown a logarithmic reduction of 5.13 when tested under the conditions specified in this report against coronavirus (CoVF).”

This means that it exceeds by far the requirements of the EN14476 Standard for testing medical biocidal products, which places the limit at a logarithmic reduction of 4.

Proven this, we can ensure that the product inactivates the virus. The encapsulated active principle is released in a slow and controlled way on the textiles, forming a protective layer on them for a minimum of 7 days. This barrier destroys the virus protein and does not allow it to remain anchored in the textile, due to the multi-target effect that prevents the transport of the electron chain, preventing the formation of the cell wall, inhibiting protein synthesis and cancelling the creation of RNA.

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