Protection at least 7 days.

Easy to use

Efficient on hot and cold laundry processes.


Silver ion salts micro encapsulation.


Optimize asepsis in sanitary areas, hospitals, surgery rooms, intensive care areas.

Your health comes first

Is your product taking in account your customer’s health?
Could your product improve user’s welfare?
If your answer is NOT, welcome to textile protection age.

Do you want to reach your final customer real satisfaction?
Do you want your detergent, softener or stain remover get an unique functionality?
If your answer is YES, welcome to NOB166® age.

Unique functionality

In Laundry Market there are many different types of detergents (liquid, powder, capsules) and softeners with different perfumes.

In all Laundry Industry meetings, development of new products with improved performance regarding usage and functionality is a convergent point. Furthermore, a new incremental millennial population is looking for sustainability and both renewable and natural products.

Detergents for professional use contain NOB166 H-Ion, the only additive with an antimicrobial activity specifically designed for industrial processes, which can be used for industrial laundering and withstands high-temperature processes such as calendering or drying. The antimicrobial capacity of NOB166 H-Ion is guaranteed even after all the steps of the industrial laundering process. Please contact us for more information about our additive for professional laundering.

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