Spanish scientists develop NOB166®, the first “effective textile” armor and durable against the coronavirus

The active principle, a powerful antimicrobic with an effect of at least 7 days, is safe for the human contact and protects patients and healthcare providers through its application in textile, included masks.

The joint work of the company NOB166 and the team of researchers from the Universitat Jaume I de Castellón -Parque Científico y Tecnológico ESPAITEC II-, shows that NOB166®, a powerful antimicrobial with a protective capability of up to 7 days, with a multitarget effect, is capable of inactivate the coronavirus proteins to prevent their replication in the textile.

Thanks to an encapsulation system that releases the active principle in a controlled way and its biocidal capacity that acts at different levels (enzymatic, membrane or cell wall and nucleus), it guarantees the protection of textiles used by both patients and healthcare professionals. NOB166® can be applied directly or added to the hot or cold washing process of any type of fabric used in the hospital environment, including masks.

NOB166® Unique in the world

Common disinfectants used to control contamination by microorganisms in the patient’s environment have a very low durability of the biocidal effect. In most cases, contact with the air of the treated material is enough to lose asepsis. This loss of asepsis contributes to cross contamination, since microorganisms remain active in tissues for 6 to 12 hours.

NOB166® is the only protector capable of generating a protective armor against all types of bacteria and viruses for a minimum of 7 days (patented) with just one wash or application.

NOB166® is effective through its direct application on the fabrics during the cold wash, in the last rinse. Although it is also effective at hot conditions, a high temperature wash is not necessary to sterilize the fabric. Its formulation ensures a uniform distribution of the active substance over the entire surface and, therefore, a homogeneous protection. Subsequently, the nanotechnological encapsulation of NOB166® allows the active substance to be released in a controlled manner over at least one week after a single application.

The active ingredient in NOB166® is silver, an efficient, natural and broad-spectrum multi-drug antimicrobial recognized as safe for human contact and the environment. Silver not only enhances antimicrobial activity, but also generates total protection against pathogenic microorganisms including viruses, bacteria and fungi on all kinds of surfaces and fabrics.

Coronavirus trial

The results of the NOB166® test, carried out by an independent laboratory, for the evaluation of the viricidal activity according to the EN 14476 standard against coronavirus, have been conclusive. The report, sealed on March 4, 2020, reads: “Product” NOB166 PRO “has shown a log reduction of 5.13 when tested under the conditions specified in this report against coronavirus (CoVF).”

This means that it far exceeds the requirements of the EN14476 standard, for testing biocidal sanitary products, which places the limit at a logarithmic reduction of 4.

Demonstrating this, we can ensure that the product inhibits the replication of the virus. The encapsulated active principle is released in a slow and controlled manner on the tissues, forming a protective layer on them for at least 7 days. This barrier destroys the virus protein and does not allow it to remain anchored in the tissue, due to the multitarget effect that prevents the transport of the electron chain, preventing the formation of the cell wall, inhibiting protein synthesis and suppressing DNA replication”, Explains Mrs. Beltrán, General Manager NOB166®.

About NOB166®

NOB166® has been developed and patented by the Castellón-based company ABLAZE177 in 2018 to offer specific solutions for the prevention of microbial growth in textiles in hospital sectors susceptible to contamination. This additive responds to the latent need to reduce infections in hospitals. (In 2017, 6.7% of patients acquired infections in the hospital itself.)

At present, NOB166® is also marketed in a non-professional format for domestic use, NEONOB, a range for laundry washing and direct application sprays.

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