The Company has patented NOB166®, an intelligent, innovative and pioneering antimicrobial in the durability of post-wash protection for 7 days.

The Castellón-based company Ablaze 177, headquartered in the Science and Technology Park of the Jaume I University (Espaitec), is specialized in research, development and commercialization of nanotechnology-based projects for textile antimicrobial protection.

Among its main innovations is NOB166®, an antimicrobial protector designed to protect and keep the textile free of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. The innovation has a patent that verifies its ability to generate a protective armor on clothing against all types of bacteria and viruses for a minimum of 7 days, including the “coronavirus”.

Its effectiveness has been tested both in cold washing processes, applying it directly to the fabrics in the last rinse, and in hot, without the need for high-temperature washes to sterilize the fabric.

Coronavirus trial

The results of the NOB166® test, carried out by an independent laboratory, for the evaluation of the viricidal activity according to the EN 14,476 standard against coronavirus, have been conclusive.

The report, sealed on March 4, 2020, reads: “The product” NOB166® PRO “has shown a log reduction of 5.13 when tested under the conditions specified in this report against coronavirus (CoVF).”

According to Noelia Beltrán, ABLAZE177 General Manager, “the test shows that NOB166® exceeds by far the EN14476 standard requirements, for testing of sanitary biocidal products, which places the limit in a logarithmic reduction of 4. We can ensure that our product inhibits virus replication, also forming an effective protective layer for at least 7 days “

In addition to its use in hospital sectors susceptible to contamination, NOB166® is marketed in a non-professional format for domestic use through Neonob, a full range for textile and garments care products for both washing clothes and sprays for direct application.

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