NOB166® certifies that it maintains the textile protection against coronavirus for 7 days

This patented NOB166® silver additive protects against coronavirus for 7 days after washing (even in cold water).

The best prevention is protection and NOB166® also demonstrates its properties against coronavirus, exceeding the requirements of EN 14.476, which thus certifies it.

The best prevention is protection, and the data from the quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area have shown this. NOB166® complies with the standard in 14476 viricidal activity test in the medical area. NOB166® certifies that it maintains the textile protection against coronavirus (FCoV) and other microorganisms for 7 days after washing clothes.

NOB166® may be included in your detergent or softener formulation to obtain protection against microorganisms, viruses and bacteria for 7 days after washing (even in cold water). NOB166® increases the defenses against the coronavirus, with a multitarget effect, which inactivates the virus proteins and prevents their replication and inactivates it, also preventing the proliferation of bacteria and other viruses and pathogenic microorganisms in the garments for 7 days after washing.

The best prevention is protection. Washing without NOB166® is not protecting. NOB166 also shows high activity against coronavirus: following the EN 14176 Standard, the Ministry of Health has set a minimum reduction in virus growth greater than 4 logarithmic units. The clinical trials carried out show that NOB166® achieves a reduction of 5.13 logarithmic units (> 4) in the growth of the FCoV coronavirus. Our active component is especially effective against coronavirus, inactivating it and protecting garments, for 7 days, from possible infections.

In the health field, it has been shown that textiles (towels, sheets, pajamas, gowns and uniforms) are a focus for the development of a large number of bacteria, being one of the main vehicles for the transmission of intra-hospital (nosocomial) diseases. More than 80% of hospital clothing contains potentially dangerous bacteria. Washing with the patented NOB166® solution and its protection for 7 days would reduce these figures, achieving an invisible armor in our health centers.

NOB166® is committed to a Smart Cleaning, which protects and inhibits in a lasting way after 7 days after washing, even in cold water, with antimicrobial solutions for health in hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, and children’s gardens, which are the target populations.

NOB166 is an additive that guarantees protection against coronavirus and other bacteria and microorganisms in any type of tissue. NOB166® is safe for human contact and the environment, its patented active ingredient is encapsulated and is released in a controlled and homogeneous manner.

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NOB166® is the only intelligent, innovative antimicrobial SOLUTION, and pioneer in the durability of post-wash antimicrobial protection and inhibition for 7 days.

We bring nanotechnology-based research closer to the domestic, industrial and healthcare markets, with patented and unique protection solutions that are close, honest and effective.

  • Increases defense: With a multi-target effect, the cell is attacked on three fronts, eliminating the deposit and proliferation of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms from any garment.

  • Savings and performance: The antimicrobial additive in small doses reach large quantities of washed clothes.

  • Safe: The active ingredient in silver, approved by ECHA and EPA, is encapsulated and is released in a controlled and homogeneous way.

  • Environmentally friendly: NOB166® uses a derivative of silver, recognized as safe for human contact and the environment.

NOB166® is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial protector that protects against bacteria and microorganisms. It has been designed to protect and maintain the textile (regardless of its composition), free of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Long-lasting post wash protection and safety. NOB166® is the only proprietary formulation for long-lasting protection.


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