En plena pandemia coronavirus podemos proteger a la cultura con NOB166

En plena pandemia coronavirus podemos proteger a la cultura con NOB166

Unfortunately, in these summer days, the COVID 19 pandemic breaks with the good habits that it has cost so much effort for our town halls, cultural houses, janitors and public and private organizations to introduce into our lives. We are talking about culture.


Cinemas, theatres, events and awards, in the end; CULTURE, with capital letters, that we have left unprotected or no?


From NOB166® Protect Clothes we take a step forward, it is possible to maintain safe distances, attend these events with a mask, occupy a seat protected with NOB166 and enjoy culture.


Let’s go back, with all the necessary measures, to the summer cinemas, to the theatre… afraid to sit in your armchair? It only requires a spray with PC166 Protect Clothes once a week so we can enjoy this summer the culture art that will make us dream again.


The new normal life needs new, more appropriate formulas. Some cultural centers join forces with NOB166 to be able to offer to their clients a 100% security with normal actions as sitting in their assigned seat.


This month of July the company NOB166 has its entire production system in place to respond to the demand for this new 500ml format that is applied directly to the fabrics by spraying or dry nebulization.


NOB166® Protect Clothes forms an invisible armor that protects any textile surface from diseases caused by microorganisms for a minimum of 7 days.


Speaking about culture and events, last Friday, Onda Cero awarded us with its ECONOMY AND COMPANY award for our anti-COVID textile protection, as an innovative Spanish company; the awards took place in a beautiful reduced outdoor event of 50 guests in which ONDA CERO presented us with this award sponsored by the Castellón Association of Managers and also highlighted the importance of innovation and technology, underlining also the importance of being aware of protection, that in order to avoid diseases we have to protect ourselves, they also thanked us for the work and vocation of NOB166®.


Awareness, the variable of prevention that cannot be bought. NOB166® again makes it easy for us: a small gesture such as spraying a restaurant chair only once a week can change not only our summer but our lives. Protect your clothes, for you for your health.

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