Protect Clothes is a new concept for long-lasting antimicrobial protection from NOB166 intended for direct application without rinsing.


NOB166® PROTECT CLOTHES is an additive developed for the protection of any textile surface by sprinkling or spraying. It is indicated for both natural fibers and those based on polymeric materials. Thanks to its active component, based on nanotechnology, it achieves great penetration and fixation on the textile, which prevents the growth of microorganisms on its surface by forming a protective layer. The permanence of this protective layer on the textile is 7 days.


The benefits of NOB166® Protect Clothes are:


  • Effectiveness: By having a progressive release of the active substance, it provides a minimum of 7 days of protection to the treated garments.
  • Patented to use directly on the fabric without rinsing and without the need to wash the clothes.
  • Growing control: Keeps low levels from those microorganisms that can cause infections, the presence of mites and any residue of contamination.
  • Protection: does not allow the growth of algae, fungi, viruses, molds and other potential pathogens.
  • Prevention: Prevents side effects due to the presence of microorganisms such as discoloration or textile damage.
  • Odors: Protects clothing against microbial contamination responsible for bad odors, and its use reinforces the effect of aromas.
  • All types of fabrics: Effective on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics, such as cotton or those made from polymeric materials.
  • Efficiency: 1 liter protects 33 kilos of textile, approximately 130 garments.
  • Environment: The use of NOB166® PROTECT CLOTHES can replace other biocidal substances, dramatically increasing the efficiency of the cleaning system.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any fabric, direct application, ideal for mattresses, sofas, carpets, rugs, bedspreads, blankets, etc…
  • Savings and Efficiency: Reduction of costs and energy, since it is applied without the need to wash, it is directly applied and generates a protective armor.
  • Ironing: Stable product at high temperatures thus resists ironing.




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