¿Para qué sirve el aditivo NOB166® en el sector profesional de la detergencia?

¿Para qué sirve el aditivo NOB166® en el sector profesional de la detergencia?

If you are a manufacturer of #detergents, # softeners and #stain removers, have you ever considered differentiating yourself from others by adding antimicrobial protection to clothes after washing?

Have you thought about all the textiles that are exposed to becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and microorganisms?

  1. medical gowns,
  2. patients pyjamas,
  3. medical staff uniforms,
  4. mattresses of hospital beds, residences, infirmaries, outpatient clinics, hotels,
  5. pillows of hospital beds, residences, hotels,
  6. hospital-residency bed sheets,
  7. towels of hospitals, spas, swimming pools, residences and hotels,
  8. hospital room divider curtains,
  9. upholstery for waiting rooms, hotels, cinemas and theatres,
  10. upholstered for public and private transport: trains, planes, boats, buses, subways and trams,
  11. baby seat upholstery,
  12. tablecloths and napkins for restaurants and dining rooms,
  13. carpet for schools, nursery schools and nurseries,
  14. apparel in meat and poultry plants,
  15. gowns and uniforms of research centres and laboratories,


and a long etc.


Until now we could only wash and disinfect them to destroy the germs settled in the fabric until the moment of washing, but once they came out of the washing machine or washing process, it was not protected in any way from new microbial contamination. That is to say, until now any recently washed fabric in contact with the environment could become contaminated again, now it is no longer the case, only if we wash it with a detergent or fabric softener that has included the NOB166® additive, the garment will be protected for a full 7 days 24 hours against any microorganism growth that tries to settle on that fabric.

NOB166® is a patented technology based in nanotechnology that can be used as an additive in the manufacture of detergents, fabric softeners and stain removers, as well as in other products for application to fabrics. Any detergent manufacturer that incorporates a product with this additive will provide the garments it washes with protection for 7 days against microorganisms, a novel concept in the current Detergency sector.

NOB166® becomes an invisible white armour, capable of repelling the action of pathogens for 7 days.

Textile protection is a GUARANTEE OF HEALTH. Can you imagine the tranquillity of lying on a hotel bed knowing that your clean sheets are protected during your vacation week? To clean your mouth in a restaurant with confidence? Can you imagine the peace of mind of knowing when you enter a hospital, that you will be PROTECTED from textile cross-contamination?

NOB166 is a textile protection armour, and an opportunity to advance in many sectors protecting our health.

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