NOB166® obtiene el certificado APTE de empresa innovadora nacional 2020

NOB166® obtiene el certificado APTE de empresa innovadora nacional 2020

NOB166® has been accredited with the APTE innovative company certificate.

NOB166®, accredited in nanotechnology-based research, brings to the domestic, industrial and sanitary market a patented and unique solution for effective textile protection.

NOB166® through the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), obtains this national certificate that accredits it as an innovative company. The Science and Technology Parks will be in charge of presenting the candidatures of companies and entities that they consider innovative and meet the established requirements.

This certificate recognized by organizations and entities from different national and international fields; by which the largest registry of innovative Spanish companies and entities is created to give them the greatest possible visibility, as well as providing them with the added value of facilitating a certification as an innovative entity and the ability to demonstrate it to anybody that requests it.

NOB166, established in Espaitec Castellón, which had already been recognized as an innovative technology-based company by ANCES, therefore adds this new national recognition as an innovative company. NOB166 is a disruptive and unique solution that finally brings antimicrobial textile protection closer to the public and private health sector, offers a unique added value to the detergency industry for softeners, detergents and sprays, opens a new phase in safety in means of transport with the textile protection of seat upholstery, and opens a new chapter in textile protection and security in the hotel tourism sector, has established itself as a textile armour against coronavirus in its brief years of life.



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